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Consortium Meeting in Cyprus and Workshop

The Elders-Up! Consortium is happy to announce yet another Consortium meeting that will take place on December 13 in Cyprus. This consortium will define the next steps in the project with the goal of developing the Time2Share platform and its slow but steady path to a final product and succesful market uptake.

Additionaly, on December 14 the consortium will participate in a workshop organized but GeoImaging, the project coordinated of the AAL project SOPHIA. The workshop will be a wonderful opportunity to find sinergies between both projects as well as disseminating the commoun objectives and strength to relevant stakeholders and associations that have been invited to the event. 



Consortium Meeting in Liverpool

The next Elders Up! Consortium will be meeting in Liverpool on the 15th and 16th of June. Consortium members will be meeting in order to discuss the current stage of the project and all the progress which has been made since the last meeting. Members from AAL, The Technology Strategy Board and The Research Promotion Foundation are just a few of the attendees for this event.


Elders Up! Event on the 8th of June

Preparations are currently taking place for the first Elders Up! Event on the 8th of June in Stockport. Attendees to the event will be the first in the UK to see the final platform and engage in user testing of the site. More So, SME’s will be present at the event with the intention that the platform will be able to generate its first matches.

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