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The main idea behind the Elders-Up! project is to bring the valuable experience of elderly and apply it to  start-ups and small companies, using intergenerational knowledge transfer to  address skills and competencies based on experience. Across the whole of Europe, elderly people are sometimes set apart in some situations due to the fact that they are considered less efficient and productive, for example, in the work environment. For many elderly people, their jobs represent the way of feeling useful for themselves and the society and also for having goals which keeps them motivated. Many describe their working life as adding purpose or even as part of an equation for adding years to life. 

Although our current societies are led by productivity and efficiency both in professional and personal scenarios it is information that is as the key and those that possess the skill to manage information to their own advantage, as a tool to help deal with pressure, stress and increasing demands. Those that do not possess the skills to manipulate and exploit information to their advantage feel isolated, left behind and often drowning in a sea of information that they cannot yet manage. Too often people complain that they have too much information and that they feel bombarded with information that they cannot use.

To overcome all of these problems it is under development Elders-Up!, an innovative ICT-based eco-system that enables people to contribute to society and share their expertise for those people who suffer from age-related cognitive limitations.




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